Presentation and Seminars

Presentation and Seminars

Organisations invite me to speak because I share the message of hope at every age, and I inspire their members to soar to new heights in self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Whether I am addressing health professionals, people living with health challenges, mid-lifers, baby boomers or senior citizens, my presentations are designed to energise the audience with hope and fresh possibilities.

Perhaps your members want to write their story for their own safe-keeping or share in the creation of a collaborative book; perhaps they want to learn how to use journaling as a self-help tool to improve their wellbeing and live the life they yearn to live. Or they may want to learn skills to help them to embrace the moment and make the most of every day.

Each of my presentations is tailor-made to meet the needs of your members. I bring to each event a wealth of knowledge, experience, and compassion.

As the event sponsor, you will gain members who are feeling enthusiastic and embracing of fresh perspectives, ready to consider and take on new initiatives.


1 Hour Life Writing Presentation

  • My presentation is designed to engage and be relevant to your particular audience and to meet your needs and time specifications
  • My role is to add value to your event to make it a success
  • I focus on how to release everyday sparkle and prowess by using our talents and resources to be the best we each can be
  • I interweave easy to understand and succinct suggestions for “walking our talk”
  • I spice my talk with humor and real-life anecdotes to illustrate mini-steps you can take now to help you live the life you yearn for

By drawing on my own story and evidence-based learning, I explain how you can develop self-help tools in your writing to improve personal outcomes in private and public life. Discussion includes exploration on how diary-writing skills can help to strengthen healthy thoughts through self-love and compassion and overcome self-harming behaviors that restrict self-growth. Writing strategies are shared interactively to illustrate narrative tools to push aside roadblocks of negative experiences that may have caused guilt, stigma, shame or fear, to build confidence in decision-making, achieving goals and living a purposeful and fulfilling life. A brief time is allocated for questions. A power point presentation illustrates the presentation and take-home leaflets are provided.


2 Hour Life Writing Seminar

  • This event is designed to engage your particular audience and to meet your needs
  • My role is to inspire you to aim for the “full apple” from the tree of life. You deserve more than “just a bite”
  • I illustrate how we can self-help through the narrative
  • I explain how we can let loose suppressed zest and prowess by honing our skills and resources to be the best we each can be
  • I interweave concise and easy-to-follow suggestions for “walking our talk”
  • Humor and real-life stories illustrate doable steps to attain the life you yearn for

This seminar builds on the one-hour presentation. The extra hour allows time for you to engage in interactive writing tasks and strategies that are fun and at the same time, revealing and insightful. You will go home having learned something new about yourself and your friends and colleagues. You will feel richer for the experience and your self-belief will be bubbling. You will likely walk with a lighter and definitely more purposeful step, your confidence and self-esteem boosted through an increased sense of connection with yourself and with others. Likely, things that did not seem possible will now seem feasible.

A brief time is allocated for sharing a small writing task, and for questions. A power point presentation illustrates the main messages and take-home leaflets are provided.

Requirements: whiteboard and colored markers, PPP facility, notebook and pen for each participant.