Sometimes pictures say as much or more than words. Do you want to create a book to celebrate or commemorate the life of a loved one, or to mark a special milestone or occasion? Perhaps you have a shoebox full of old photographs or 35mm color slides, and want to preserve them in a book? Perhaps you would like to add some captions to describe who is in the pictures, and where and when the pictures were taken. You might also like to insert a special message for future generations to read.

I can help you do this, so don’t delay another day.


Write Together

Often times, people who come along to my writing workshops for seniors say: “I’m here because my daughter (or son) wants me to tell my story for the grandchildren to read one day.” Such encouragement is wonderful, but there is another way, which adds to the benefits, and this is for son or daughter to be involved with the parent or other family member in the writing of the story.

For instance, I have created a book for each of my adult children, reflecting on their lives thus far, and have found through involving each of them in turn in the book-making process, that we each have learned exciting new things about each other, not as parent or child so much, but as people in our own right. This leads to a growth of respect and acceptance of each other as family members and members of our community. Sometimes, experiences have occurred in our childhood that have been painful and therefore suppressed. Writing our story with a loved one creates an opportunity to dig carefully beneath the layers, to address and re-story those painful times so they are holding us back no longer, and proceed to establish a new sense of peace and contentment.



Do you know and admire someone whose story you would like to see preserved in print? Perhaps you know that they would enjoy writing the story themselves, or would prefer telling it to someone so that the story can be written for them in their own words. All they need is a leg up with the funding. Well, you can make it happen! You can choose any option on this page or in the memoir or ghostwriter pages of this website, and arrange to meet the cost of the story-making process. You will be helping that special someone feel that their life is very worthwhile, and at the same time you will be providing a gift that is authentic and priceless.