Do you want to write your life story and need assistance to get started? Have you accomplished some initial work and have hit a road block? Have you got bogged down? Or have you completed your work and want to refine it, add some polish?

Who are you writing your story for? For your own satisfaction, to share with family members or others with similar experience, or to submit to a publisher?

These are just some of the questions to consider and I am here to help you.

At any age, writing is rewarding.

By the time we reach mid-life, writing about one’s life is like picking up a stone on a dusty gravel road and giving it a good rub to reveal the gem within. Some of my workshop participants come along to the first of a series of writing classes, feeling quite sure they will be unable to write one sentence. “We haven’t done anything special in our life,” they say. Oh yes, they have, and their stories are often among the most amazing.

Imagine a Christmas tree before it is decorated with glittering streamers, baubles and twinkling lights. Such is the transformation as these men and women share their memories; during our workshop discussions they continually spark long suppressed but equally poignant or heart-warming memories in others. They become animated and excited, reliving moment after moment of their childhoods. They may be mature, senior or even “old”, but they have much yet to give. They are a treasure trove of social history at its best.

You may have left school early to go out to work, or to stay home and look after younger siblings. Times were tough in childhoods prior to and after WWII. Often there was little opportunity to write. But now, with a little encouragement, you can become inspired and away you will go. By the time we get to our final workshop session, you will be amazed at the result as you hold your story in your hands and proudly read a chapter to the class, saying: “I’ve always wanted to do this. I didn’t think I could, and now I have.”

Your great-grandchildren and members of the community for generations will be grateful for this window into another time that, in turn, helps them understand the story beyond your picture, and enables them to connect more with their own identity.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help your community preserve your stories for generations to come.

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