Chapter 15: First Step to Restoration

Chapter 15: First Step to Restoration

Hi, I am June Alexander, and I am reading my memoir, A Girl Called Tim: Escape From an Eating Disorder Hell.

I developed an eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, at age 11, and it wasn’t until the age of 55 when I regained my healthy self. Life since then has been absolutely super-wonderful. My message is that recovery can and does occur at every age. Never give up.

In this podcast, I will read chapter 15 of A Girl Called Tim. The title of chapter 15 is, First Step to Restoration.

Chapter 15: First Step to Restoration
A Girl Called Tim

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  1. Jo Stephenson says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, it’s one that many out in the world can connect with and to know that yes it’s a battle, a long battle, but it can be won gives me hope.

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