Looking after our wellbeing through story-telling

Looking after our wellbeing through story-telling

Stories play a major role in our wellbeing in many helpful ways. My workshops are designed to help people to write about their lives in a way that can enhance social and family networks and improve self-esteem, which are important factors in maintaining physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Who Benefits with Story-telling 

  • The participant: Story-telling, at every stage of life but especially at crossroads or towards the end of our life, helps us to see that our life thus far has been full and valued, and indeed can continue to be so. Telling our story is fulfilling and productive. It allows us to record memories and reflections, explanations and perhaps even heal from painful events that may have occurred a long time ago. By writing a story, we preserve a permanent and lasting legacy of our life experiences and expression of our self and our values. This process helps us to feel understood. The process of telling the story also helps to reaffirm and remind us of our achievements at a time when we may be experiencing major losses, changes, and challenges in our life.

Importantly, if a person is able to speak but physically unable to write, a scribe can take on this role.

  • Families: the story can become a permanent legacy and provide family members with a deeper understanding of your and their life. Often, it is easier to write instead of talk about feelings, so the narrative is a good way for you to share your inner story with relatives and build a sense of family and community.
  • The participant: helping to record a person’s story is a win-win situation – the opportunity to develop literary and creative skills in a meaningful way enables threads from first-hand insights to be woven into the community’s fabric.
  • Communities: celebrating the diversity of life histories enriches community culture and strengthens community spirit. At the same time, bridges of understanding and respect are built between generations.