Here are a few comments and thoughts from some of my students and clients.

I have just cried the whole way through your memoir podcast of A Girl Called Tim. I am in my fifties and have been living with this disgusting (eating disorder) secret since about 12 years old. I reached out for help yesterday and was given your name as well as info on where to start getting help…I just thought this was my life and because I couldn’t stop it’s something I obviously deserved to have because maybe I am a horrible person. Listening to you has given me so much hope. I have a doctor’s appointment today which is terrifying me but I just want to be happy and normal and just have a life not consumed with this. It’s a start xx

~ Jeanine, NZ

Thank you for sharing your story, it’s one that many out in the world can connect with and to know that yes it’s a battle, a long battle, but it can be won gives me hope.

~ Jo Stephenson

I have just listened to the first episode of your podcast A Girl Called Tim. It resonated with my on so many levels, thought and feelings. I can’t wait to get the time to listen to the second chapter.

~ Jo Stephenson

Working with June has been by far the easiest part of writing my book.  June is professional, compassionate and always willing to help. She has a passion for her work that is infectious and she takes the stress out of the process.
When you don’t know where to turn, June’s mentoring offers peace of mind and the end result is perfect.

~ Loretta Wellard
author of A Lesson in Patience

I love the gentle introduction to using writing as therapy and a safe way to navigate through deeper work.

~ Carlie

One of our patient participants already has taken to diary writing like a duck to water and is using it daily to support her recovery.

~ Simone

You have left us all with good memories and lots of tools to support our work people who use the service.

~ Siew

The chatter today has been about how good your workshop was and how we can make use of the diary and the skills.

~ Kieran

I am so happy you were able to facilitate our workshop! It was a very informative and engaging event. I know we each left the workshop with wonderful confidence in the process and excited to start keeping a journal. What a gift you have shared with us.

~ Anne

I wrote my memoir to help others who have my illness to feel totally understood and to inspire them to keep fighting for their recovery. The outcome has been amazing.

~ Peta

Enjoyed everything, the great insight into the very many benefits of life writing. Even enjoyed the terrifying experience of writing (and reading!) my own work. June is a perceptive and encouraging teacher.

~ Janet

The group dynamics were great – I learned from June and all the participants.

~ Maureen

I enjoyed the interactive writing tasks. There was a sense of feeling comfort that I enjoyed.

~ Marilyn

English is my second language and yet I totally understood June’s messages and I am taking home a lot of information to share with others.

~ Veronique

As a peer worker I encourage journaling and now I feel more confident to do this.

~ Leela

The workshop sessions re-invigorated my interest in writing and writing tasks; I like the creative alternatives to “old faithful” activities.

~ Monica

I really enjoyed the chance to write something. I had no idea I would write about my football scarf until I started, and it has triggered a whole lot of things I want to say. Thanks June, your workshop was great.

~ Steve

June’s knowledge is exceptional and she has a clear way of conveying information, mapping out the concepts, and keeping the right context in transferring my thoughts onto the page.

~ Wendy

I really appreciated June’s enthusiastic support during her writing of my story.

~ Sue

I prefer a spanner to a pen any day but hey, with your help my story is written and I enjoyed the experience too.

~ Malcolm

Thank you for suggestions on how to organise my computer files in the most efficient way to assist the interacting process while you are writing my story.

~ David

Working with you is fun and enjoyable and I now have pointers for writing my ‘whole’ story.

~ Jacqui

Talking over things with you has awakened long forgotten memories that I can write about.

~ George

Your feedback is extremely helpful and is helping me with further writing of my memories.

~ Fay

I cherish the comradeship that has developed between us and the variety of stories that I am writing.

~ Nancy

I find your ideas and presentation very stimulating. Now I want like to learn to write myself into my life! To undo the trauma and joy of my life.

~ Karyn

I feel encouraged to just write for myself and not worry about what others might think, and not to worry about what I might do with what I have written. Thanks for encouraging me to find my voice.

~ James

I have lived a very public and social life yet, until writing my book, had never shared my best kept secret – a battle with a mental illness. The outcome of my book release has been truly extraordinary.

~ Theresa

I hold my book and smile at it, like it is my new best friend for always.

~ Mary

Writing my story and sharing it with the world has been exhilarating. I never knew the joy and satisfaction I would feel from writing my memoir.

~ Laura

I have learned so much in ‘how to get started’ and am inspired with many ideas to work on.

~ Wendy

As much as I wanted to, I never thought I would be able to write, and now I know I can.

~ Margaret

Two years I worked on my book every chance I could. Many times I wanted to give up because I did know if my writing was good enough to tell a powerful story. Then June became my mentor. My advice to anyone who has ever desired to write your story … DO IT. Do not doubt it. You never know how many people you will touch through your story.

~ Holly

I could not have written my recovery memoir without your heartfelt support and literary expertise. My emotions were so heightened and my thoughts ran wild and you helped me find my voice and organize my thoughts.

I want to advise anyone who is considering writing their story to open their hearts and let the words flow…June will carry you through and be beside you every step of the way. Just start writing your thoughts down…think of all those sufferers you will help. June will help you with the sequence of your story formatting.

~ Holly Curtis, Lake Bluff, IL
Author, ( EDIT )™ Certified, Life Coach, Guest Speaker Relevant Radio, ANAD Support Group Leader, Mental Health Advocate, Northwestern University, Psychology BA