It's your time to write

From experience, insight and the heart

Are you ready to write your life story?

I am the author of nine books; I have a Ph.D. in the life writing process, and 20+ years experience in mentoring others in writing their life stories.
I look forward to working with you in writing your life story.

June’s message for the 2019 World Eating Disorder Action Day:

Life Stories Mentor Services

I provide Mentoring, Editing, Life Writing and Story-telling Writing Workshop services. I tailor my assistance to cater for your needs, as they arise, during the writing process.
Learn to write your life story with the help of my expertise, insight, and experience.

I believe everyone has a story to tell and the way it is told makes all the difference. I specialise in non-fictional story-telling that includes memoirs, biography and autobiography, and social histories.

Life writing services

For more than a decade, I have specialised in collaborating and mentoring people to help them tell their life stories. My narrative guidance will help you to feel safe and supported in exploring sensitive areas of life experience.

Mentoring services

I provide structural editing, copy editing and proof reading services for non-fiction works and scholastic writing. Clear and objective editing and responses are tracked/written in a constructive, supportive manner.

Editing services

Everyone has a story to tell and my role as the workshop leader is to help each participant to recognise their gems of experience are worth cultivating and preserving. Each workshop is tailored to meet your needs.

Writing workshops

Writing for Healing

Be in the driver’s seat of your life!

Besides communicating with self, private writing can help us to communicate with others. We can take significant extracts, and reshape them to share with others. We can help ourselves out of deep psychological holes through writing. Problems like traumatic stress disorder or an eating disorder, can seem impossible barriers. However, the combination of pen and paper, a little time most days, and a commitment to exploration can enable us to gain insight, inspiration and self-healing strategies, and turn despair into hope.